from Cisco

Access Security for Everyone, from Any Device, Anywhere

In today’s world, the world of work-from-home, Cloud apps, etc. there’s this ever-growing need for security. The login codes of a company’s users with its corporate applications are often very easy and repetitive, leaving the company itself and its data vulnerable.

Cisco DUO MFA is able to protect your business’s users and their passwords, no matter where they are. MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication, is the addition of an extra level of protection beyond the classic user password for a user to enter a corporate application. Multi Factor Authentication is a security method which uses two different ways to verify a user’s identity. This extra step helps to ensure that only the specific user has access to the corporate

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Verify the identity of all users with Duo’s easy, one-tap-approval 2FA.

Device visibility

Gain visibility into all devices managed and unmanaged to ensure they meet your security standards, before granting them access.

Secure single sign-on (SSO)

Streamline the user login workflow with a single dashboard to access all applications.

Secure remote access

Provide clientless remote access for multicloud environments and remote workers.