HUAWEI Routers

NetEngine 8000 Series Routers
from huawei

High-capacity, reliable, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain:
Accelerating the digital transformation of enterprise.

Huawei NetEngine 8000 series routers provide an all-service, intelligent router platform designed for the cloud era.

Using ultra-broadband pipes to construct simplified networks, and SR and SRv6 protocols to establish intelligent connections, NetEngine 8000 combines with Huawei’s next generation Network Cloud Engine (NCE) to implement full-lifecycle automation and proactive Operations and Maintenance (O&M). An intent-driven approach frees customers from unnecessary constraints, unleashing network potential.

Available in a range of form factors and applicable to core, aggregation, and access networks, the award-winning NetEngine 8000 offers high performance and reliability, with low power consumption and full evolution capabilities. Applications include functioning as a core node for an enterprise WAN, as an access node on a large enterprise network, as a DCI node, or as a campus or IDC network egress.

Ultra-Broadband 14.4T Board

The industry’s largest capacity — 14.4 Tbit/s per slot, 1.5 times the industry average — offering the highest density of ports: 36 x 400 GE or 72 x 100 GE. With a compact design, superior heat dissipation, ultra-low power consumption, and full-service features, NetEngine 8000 enables customers to build simplified and converged ultra-broadband networks, lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

SRv6-based Intelligent Connection

NetEngine 8000 offers leading IPv6-based SRv6 capabilities to effectively deal with large numbers of connections. Cross-domain automatic connections implement one-hop access to the cloud, while minute-level service provisioning, and both tenant and application-level Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee improved user experiences, ensuring smooth evolution from MPLS to SRv6.

Full-Lifecycle Automation

Full-lifecycle automation is implemented through NCE, a next generation, high availability O&M system. NCE and SRv6 work together to implement 50 ms protection switching, minute-level traffic optimization, second-level fault identification, and minute-level fault locating, significantly improving network availability and enabling enterprise customers to implement proactive and intelligent network O&M.

NetEngine AR Series Enterprise Routers
from huawei

3x the industry average forwarding performance.

The industry’s first enterprise-class Access Routers (AR) designed for the cloud era, the NetEngine AR series features 5G ultra-broadband uplink and boasts a forwarding performance that’s 3x the industry average. Offering diverse features — supporting Software-Defined-Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN), cloud management, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), security, and voice — the series also excels at coping with uplink traffic surges and promoting diversified service development.

5G Ultra-Broadband, High-Speed Interconnection

Full GE access: Ultra-broadband interconnection for enterprises with multiple branches, easily handling the traffic surges that result from increased mobile use and cloudification.

3x the Forwarding Performance, Congestion-Free Services

Ready for rapid traffic growth over the next three to five years, protecting investment.

SD-WAN for an Intelligent Experience

SD-WAN and built-in Adaptive-Forward Error Correction (A-FEC) algorithm: Frame freezing and artifacts are eliminated even with 20% packet loss, delivering a smooth experience.

Huawei AR1200 Series
from huawei

Designed to provide secure and scalable unified voice and data

Huawei AR1200 series enterprise routers are next-generation enterprise-class routers based on the
Huawei proprietary Versatile Routing Platform (VRP). They build on Huawei’s record of leadership in data
communication and networking to provide industry-leading system performance and scalability to meet
current and future business needs.
The AR1200 series integrates routing, switching, 3G service, Wireless LAN (WLAN), voice, and security
functions. The AR1200 uses an embedded hardware encryption technique and supports a voice-optimized

Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The router supports firewall security, call processing, voice mail, and other

It supports wired and wireless access modes, including E1/T1, xDSL, xPON, WiFi, 3G, and more.

The AR1220EV and AR1220EVW models provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) on fixed 100M/1G Ethernet

The AR1220 series has been qualified with Microsoft Lync server, and can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft unified communications solutions.

Industry-Leading Voice Quality and User Experience

Enterprise-class voice communication is flexible and efficient, thanks to the AR1200 voice features that can easily be integrated within new or existing data networks.

Secure Service Access Protects Networks and Users

While delivering enterprise-class network services, the AR1200 router provides robust network security. The complete security solution includes user access control, packet detection, and active attack defense.

Low cost, High reliability

To guarantee the reliability of the equipment layer and network layer, the AR1200 series support hot-swap
technology, a series of fault detection and judgment mechanisms, which can shorten the service interruption time.

Intelligent Service Deployment

As the enterprise grows, requirements for new service deployments increase. To meet the demands of a growing enterprise, the AR1200 provides convenient configuration options:

from huawei

Cooperation platform, On Demand applications

The AR1200 provides a unified communication solution for enterprise customers.

It uses the Open Service Platform (OSP) to interconnect with third-party IT systems. Customers, agents, third-party vendors, and manufacturers can develop and use the AR1200 as required.