Data Center Infastructure

Data Center Infrastructure

Data centers are the pillars of present-day companies. They have evolved to be incredibly intricate, are highly organized and are expected to do more with less. We have the expertise to design and build advanced data centers improving the efficiency through many new age technologies such as automation, virtualization, cloud computing and more.

Data Center Infrastructure Components

A data center infrastructure may include:

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Networking equipment, such as routers or switches
  • Security, such as firewall or biometric security system
  • Storage, such as storage area network (SAN) or backup/tape storage
  • Data center management software/applications

It can also include non-computing resources, such as:

  • Power and cooling devices, such as air conditioners or generators
  • Physical server racks/chassis
  • Cables
  • Internet backbone