Huawei Network Security

Network Security
from huawei

AI-based threat response, software-defined network security defence and intelligent security policy optimization

With AI-based threat response, Software-Defined Networking (SDN)-based security defense, and intelligent security policy optimization, Huawei network security helps mitigate risks as customers go digital.

AI-Based Proactive Detection

Makes networks far less susceptible to attacks, shifting protection from passive defense to active defense with the threat detection rate at higher than 95%.

Network-Integrated Security

Comprehensively eliminates network security risks, shifting from node protection to network protection to ensure minimal losses.

Business-Driven Automatic O&M

Automatically generates and deploys business-driven security policies, helping enterprises and carriers go beyond manual O&M, to intelligent O&M.

USG9500 Series Terabit-Level Next-Generation Firewall
from Huawei

Intelligent defense in real-time.

The HiSecEngine USG12000 Series is the industry’s first terabit-level Artificial Intelligence (AI) firewall launched by Huawei, mitigating known and unknown threats at the network edge — in real-time — and providing industry-leading protection capabilities for large data centers and campus networks.

An advanced hardware architecture design and an array of energy conservation technologies slash energy consumption, while a full lineup of Line Interface Processing Units (LPUs) — with a per-slot interface density of up to 18 x 100 GE — meets heavy-bandwidth traffic requirements.

The series provides comprehensive, carrier-grade high-reliability architecture, supporting a multitude of reliability mechanisms, such as dual Main Processing Unit (MPU) backup, Hot Standby (HSB), Non-Stop Routing (NSR), and Graceful Restart (GR). A hardware-based software integrity check mechanism prevents unauthorized software from running, ultimately building a secure foundation for the network.

With terabit-level service processing power and a suite of security features — covering Network Address Translation (NAT), Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), virtualization, and content security — HiSecEngine USG12000 equips enterprises to handle the heavy bandwidth traffic and diverse service threats of the intelligent era.

Intelligent Defense

Industry-leading dual-terabit-level firewall offering 1.92 Tbit/s throughput and 2.56 billion concurrent connections.

Ultra-High Speed and Density

An innovative Galaxy security hardware platform offers service processing capability of up to 2.4 Tbit/s.

Simplified Deployment

Simplified, visualized O&M, based on service deployment and change policies, also reduces Operating Expense (OPEX) by over 80%.

FireHunter6000 sandbox series
from huawei

Threat elimination at it's best

Huawei FireHunter 6000 series sandbox detects unknown malicious files through credit scanning, real-time behavior analysis, big data-based correlation analysis, and cloud-end technologies. Based on the results, Huawei FireHunter detects, blocks, and visualizes suspicious traffic streams, effectively preventing the spread of unknown threats and protecting business’s core information assets.

Unknown malware threats detection

Simulates system environments and comprehensively detects 20+ types of malware vehicles to reduce false negatives and prevent unknown malware threats.

Internet Traffic Security

Detects zero-day attacks in web traffic to ensure Internet traffic security.

Multi-dimensional analysis methods

Uses multi-dimensional analysis methods, such as code analysis, dynamic execution, and intelligent behavior analysis, to reduce false positives.

Multi-layer in-depth detection

Implements multi-layer in-depth detection and responds to malware and unknown threats within seconds.