APEX Cloud

APEX Cloud Services were built to meet the challenges of multi-cloud

APEX Cloud Services give you a more secure and consistent multi-cloud experience across your entire IT environment.

Use familiar products, services, and tool sets for your computing, data storage, and data protection needs, while leveraging the best of breed features and performance that your workloads require—whether on-premises, in a colocation facility, in a public cloud, or in an edge environment.

The APEX Console, a self-serve web portal, unifies operations and enables the cloud experience how and where you need it, making it easy to provision quickly, scale on demand, and pay as you go.

Simplified and consistent multi-cloud

VMware services, co-engineered by Dell and VMware offer a single, automated platform with unmatched integration. Owned and managed by Dell Technologies so you can focus on your apps and data.

Operational and strategic agility

React quickly to change. Get on-premises infrastructure up and running in as little as two weeks, scale as needed.

Multi-cloud without compromise

Easily and securely migrate workloads across your multi-cloud environment, including support for containers and Kubernetes so you can build once and run everywhere.

Stay in control of your data

Develop a data strategy based on business requirements instead of cloud lock-in. Always place your data in the optimal location and retain control of cyber security incident response.