USB Locker

A simple solution that includes the functionality required by the real world, and from IT infrastructure architechts, IT managers and network security analysts of leading organizations. You will find the possibilities to secure your network without affecting its productivity, or useless operating systems that waste your resources. USB Locker can manage up to 100 people at the same time. 

Some of its possibilities are:

Easy real-time authorization:

Exclude all removable storage devices except authorized ones.

Network level authorization:

Allows you to authorize 60 different groups of devices or specific devices across the entire network of users.

Groups of devices are allowed by assigning PID hardware and specific devices after the ID hardware match is completed.

Easy real-time network deployment authorization on all connected computers.

User level authorization:

Allows up to 10 USB (UMS) or USB MTPs with device transfer protocol allowed on any computer (including authorized network level).

To enter an authorization, simply insert the device into the client and select an authorization for the selected machine.

The authorization is registered or deleted in real time.

Enables special e-Sata authorization.